JavaScript TreeView Control

Checkbox Tree in JavaScript is a cross browser client side running navigation menu that displays check boxes and radio buttons inside the menu. The script is compatible with internet explorer, netscape navigator, Mozilla and other browsers. The script can be used for selecting options and displaying them, link items to different pages, display folder and document icons, activate highlight of last selection etc.

The treeview control is written in pure dhtml/javascript and works without installation of any plugins, java code etc. It is often used as "Checkbox Tree".

To allow selected items in closed folders to remain trackable, the "node boxes" have an intermediate grey state indicating that some of its members have been selected.

The script supports unlimited nodes and levels and it doesn't require Java nor cookies.

tree using built in checkbox system Multi-select capability. Fast selection and deselection of all contents or of whole sub-categories using "node boxes".


  • Drag&Drop support (currently only for Internet Explorer). See example 9.
  • Built-in checkbox system (like a windows installer to select components). See example 3.
  • Built-in radio button to use the tree as form field. See example 8.
  • Keyboard navigation (see example 18). Works in ie and mozilla.
  • Supports large trees (using the look-ahead feature).
  • Dynamically add nodes at runtime.
  • Lots of options and API functions.
  • Can be directly used as form field. See the Bs_Form package.
  • Use your own images/colors or choose from predefined ones.


This component ships with the full "BlueShoes Framework" package, the "BlueShoes JavaScript" package and the "BlueShoes JavaScript Tree" package. See the download page.


API-Doc Bs_Tree
API-Doc Bs_TreeElement


Available with Check the license overview page for details.

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